Äre Concertsfilm / Your concert video

Your live stream and concert video with audience in a unique & friendly setting. The 3Gs professional team from Stued Theater offers direct concert streaming to your facebook & youtube channels.

at the prize of 950 euro


Mutli-camera live video edit during the stream

Direct transfer of the video stream to your external SSD drive at the end of the performance

Optional video post production available. Inquire about fees.

A vast collection of more than 70 microphones so we can choose the right one for each instrument. Whether it is an accordeon, a bagpipe or a Rock’n Roll guitar. From AKG, ADK  to Neumann to Oktava to Schoeps.  We surely got you covered.

For additional postproduction, everything can be recorded in Multitrack up to 96KHz 24bits on two redundant systems in parallel to the streams. We have an extensive backupsystem in place as well. Dante (c) is spoken here! The System can handle up to 64 channels.

For the stream we use dedicated mastering processors tuned to the specifications of the internet broadcasting platforms. We conform to the -15LUFS norm of youtube which is the de-facto standard now.

With over 20 years in live recording the 3rd G of the team has the experience and know-how required to make your recording and live stream a success.

looking forward to stream for you

3G georges urwald george letellier georges majerus

for further informations or questions, please contact us

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